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Participation to conferences and exhibitions


?· ??PROMETEUS Conference??, 29-30 September 2002, Paris, France - attended by ??Silogic??. Brochures of the DUNES project were distributed.

?· ??eBusiness & Ework 2002??, 16-18 October, Prague, The Czech Republic ??attended by ??Pouliadis??. Brochures of the DUNES project were distributed.

?· ??Royal Geographical Society Developing and Understanding Sustainability through active citizenship education??, 7 November, London, UK.

?· ??European Research Exhibition & Conference??, 11-13 November 2002, Brussels, Belgium ?? Presentation of DUNES in ??Pouliadis?? stand.

?· Poster-presentation of DUNES system in ??Surf?? Conference, November 2002. Surf-foundation is a leading organization in the Netherlands for stimulating ICT in education. The Surf-conference as a two-day convention with international speakers and an information platform for business and school organizations.

?· ??The FERN Network: student voices, teachers?? choices??, 15 November 2002, Badajoz, Spain.

?· ??International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE 2002)??, 13-16 November 2002, Badajoz, Spain ?? A paper was presented by ??Fraunhofer Institute??.

?· ??Money Show: IT & Finance Services??, December 2002, Thessaloniki, Greece.

?· ??Learntec 2003??, February 2003, a DUNES paper was presented.

?· ??National Congress for Teachers on ICT??, March 2003, Switzerland ?? DUNES presentation.

?· ??Language & knowledge constructions conference??, April 2003, London, UK. Presentation of DUNES paper.

?· ??At the heart of global Understanding conference??, 2-4 May 2003, London, UK. The aim of the conference was to explore the future direction of Global Education in the UK context. Participants outlined current activities that they are engaged in of relevance to the Global Dimension of Education and it was in this context that the DUNES project was highlighted.

?· ??Valuing Places?? GA Steering Group conference, 20 May 2003, London, UK. This is a national steering group for a nationwide initiative exploring new thinking about places in an interconnected world. Steering Group members were invited to describe initiatives they are involved in of relevance to the theme and it was in this context that the DUNES project was highlighted.

?· ??World Education Market??, 20-23 May 2003, Lisbon, Portugal. DUNES participated in the exhibition with a DUNES booth in the framework of the ??Research Lab Pavilion??. Prototype alpha of the system was presented and many contacts with key players in the area were made.

?· ??CSCL 2003??, 14-18 June 2003, Bergen, Norway. DUNES paper presented in the conference. A poster-presentation took also place.

?· Presentation of DUNES in the teachers of History meeting in the Canton of Neuchatel. The public was very interested and they concluded that this project was in the same perspective than the renewed curriculum. They also found that the argumentative map allows to view all what students have learned about a theme and afterwards it's possible to refer to this "analytical summary" to give a final lesson to repeat or add elements which miss in the map

?· A DUNES presentation by IoE and UU took place during the ??Teacher??s day?? in London, UK.

?· ??Conference of the European Society for developmental Psychology??, August 2003, Italy. DUNES paper presented in the conference by University of Neuchatel.

?· ??DeLFI conference??, September 2003, Germany. DUNES paper presented in the conference by Fraunhofer.

?· ??Online EDUCA, 2003??, December 2003, Germany. DUNES paper presented in the conference by Fraunhofer.

?· ??HERODOT: Exciting Geography??, 21-23 May 2004, University of Cyprus, Nicosia. A paper with title ??Argumentation & Geography Education?? including a detailed reference to the DUNES project was delivered to the conference.

?· Information Visualization 2004 conference (IV04), 14-16 July 2004, University of London: a DUNES paper with title ??Empirical findings on CSCL (Computer Support Collaborative Learning)?? presented by HUJI.

?· ??6th International Conference on New Educational Environments (ICNEE)??, 27 - 30 September 2004, at University of Neuch?ētel (Switzerland) (www.icnee.ch): DUNES poster presentation.




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