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Organization of workshops and demonstrations


Specialised workshops for e-learning methodologies have been organised including specific sessions on training and the presentation of the advantages of the proposed methods

? ??Elaborating scenarios in Dunes environment: theoretical and methodological issues??, 16,22 May & 6 June 2002, Neuchatel, Switzerland ?? organized by Department of Psychology, University of Neuchatel.

? Institute of Education Research Forum 5 Workshop: Attended by the IoE DUNES team, 21 September 2002

? A series of European meetings held at the Institute of Education during the period March-April 2003. The DUNES project was presented to other participants involved in the projects related to argumentation but not as a specific requirement.

? DUNES Greek Focus User Group Workshop, 17 July 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece.

? DUNES Hebrew Focus User Group Workshop, 6 November 2003, Jerusalem, Israel.

? Dunes involvement in demonstrations during "Why Argue" workshops organized by Geographical Association at the Earth Centre Doncaster to encourage argumentation and collaboration between geographers and English teachers and geographers and science teachers




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