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Participation in concertation meetings and events organised by the European Commission


? Key Action II Concertation Meeting, 13-14 June 2002, Brussels, Belgium.

? Learning Citizen Cluster Meeting, 1 October, Paris France ?? The DUNES project was introduced to the participants in the cluster in order to foster future collaboration. Leaflets of the DUNES project were distributed.

? ??IST 2002: Partnerships for the future??, 4-6 November 2002 ?? The consortium made extended contacts with the LCC Network and other players in the eLearning area.

? ??LCCN Exploitation Workshop??, 24 September 2003, Luxemburg. The Workshop aims at helping and supporting the dissemination and exploitation activities of the participating projects.

? ??IST 2003??, October 2003, Milan, Italy ?? The consortium made extended contacts with players in the eLearning area.

? ??eChallenges 2003??, October 2003, Bologna, Italy ?? The consortium made extended contacts with players in the eLearning area.




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