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Project Description

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  Project Description
Starting on March 1st, 2002, and for a period of 30 months, the DUNES consortium is engaged in the design of the new methodology and tools [see Objectives], in their broad implementation and evaluation, in the underlying pedagogical/cognitive research and in comprehensive dissemination efforts.

The multiple application domain of DUNES (learning, training, negotiating, decision-making) calls for a technical solution that should be highly adaptable and versatile. The work is structured in eight work-packages (WPs), the core of which covers the design of the DUNES learning environment, the design & specification and the implementation & testing of the technical tool, and the realization of the large scale validation of the system in several of the partners' countries. The "experiment" is arranged in two WPs: the "Intensive" study (in which DUNES methods and tools will be implemented and the field work will be documented and analyzed), and the "Extensive" study (mainly devoted to a thorough evaluation). All technical and pedagogical/cognitive tasks will be linked by a continuous and closely monitored feed-back process, intended to minimize risks and to assure an effective and timely accomplishment of the project goals.

The project has joined and established (and will continue to) strong links with existing national initiatives in learning and training; ministries of education and other relevant organizations in some of the partners' countries have already expressed their interest in DUNES.





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