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DUNES Focus User Group Workshop in Thessaloniki

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The first DUNES Focus User Group Workshop took place at Thessaloniki on Thursday 17 July, at Pouliadis premises. The workshop was co-organised by Pouliadis & Tessera multimedia. The duration of the Workshop was 2,5 hours and the DUNES system was presented to the participants (mainly concentrated on the use of the Digalo tool and User & Case management).

15 participants attended the workshop coming from different backgrounds but mainly from academic institutions (universities, technical institutions, polytechnics, education centres, companies, private schools).

After the presentation of the DUNES system a quite fruitful discussion took place. Some general conclusions were:

  • The participants were quite enthusiastic with the system but they all agreed that several improvements must take place in order to become a product.

  • Some participants said that this tool is very-very useful mostly for departments of theoretical sciences (political sciences, philosophy, history, pedagogy, etc) and less for departments of engineering and physical sciences for example.

It has to be noted that most participants had previous experience with other e-learning tools (Blackboard and WebCT were mentioned) and they all agree that DUNES as a whole could become quite competitive especially if a reasonable price will be offered.

At the end of the meeting a questionnaire was distributed to the participants in order to get their opinions on some issues of the project.

A mailing list (dunes_fug_gr@athos.pouliadis.gr) was also created and the next day of the meeting an email was sent to all the participants providing access to the Digalo and Case management tools.


DUNES at WEM ?? May 2003

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The World Education Market was held this year in Lisbon on 20-23.5.03. The event is a combination of congress, exposition and commercial fair around the general theme of e-learning and related subjects. Hundreds of institutions (companies, universities, research institutes, governmental bodies, etc.) from all over the world are represented there. Three persons (from HUJI and Silogic) represented our project in the event. We had a booth there in the framework of the ??Research Labs Pavilion??, which embraced various EC-funded projects (some of which belonging to the LCCN cluster, in which DUNES is a member). In addition to brochures and a big poster, we exhibited there, in 3 laptops, the DUNES Oasis, the shared desktop, the pad, various ??viewlets?? (animated demonstrations) and a movie showing DUNES-like activities in class. In addition, we supplied in advance material and text for WEM??s ??Preview Magazine??, and registered our project in WEM??s website, providing information and contact data.

Dunes Leaflet for WEM(.pdf)

Dunes Poster for WEM(.pdf)


DUNES Industrial Focus Groups

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Our project announces the launch of DUNES Industrial Focus Groups, which will have access to the DUNES software components at no charge. This will have a promotional effect, making potential users aware of the DUNES project and results. This phase will provide information about users?? preferences and will help to prepare additional marketing efforts.
Date started: May 2003
All interested companies/institutes/universities/training centres are invited to contact us to obtain further information and/or to arrange their eventual participation in these groups. They can also fill in DUNES Declaration of Interest Form and send it electronically or by email to DUNES Dissemination & Exploitation Manager:

Contact Details
Apostolos Kontogeorgis
Pouliadis & Associates SA
7 N.Ouranou str,
54627 Thessaloniki, GREECE
Tel.: +30 2310 592556
Fax: +30 2310 554363
Declaration of interest form (.pdf)


Learntec 2003

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Learntec 2003, 4-7 February 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany. There will be a stand by one of the Dunes partners, where Dunes system will be presented.

Money Show

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Money Show, 14-15 December 2002, Thessaloniki, Greece. Dunes brochures were distributed.

International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE 2002)

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International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE 2002), 13-16 November 2002, Badajoz, Spain. Poster & Paper Presentation by one of the Dunes partners.

European Research Exhibition & Conference

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European Research Exhibition & Conference, 11-13 November 2002, Brussels, Belgium. Dunes brochures were distributed.

IST 2002 Partnerships for the future

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IST 2002 Partnerships for the future, 4-6 November 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark. Dunes brochures were distributed.

Development, functionning; historical-cultural perspective

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Development, functionning; historical-cultural perspective, 4-5 October 2002, Paris, France. Dunes brochures were distributed.

The PROMETEUS Conference

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The PROMETEUS Conference, 29-30 September 2002, Paris, France. Attended by one of the Dunes partners, Dunes brochures were distributed.

Key Action II Concertation Meeting

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DUNES has been represented in the Key Action II Concertation Meeting, held in Brussels on 13 & 14 June 2002. In that opportunity, our project's highlights and status were presented.





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