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Project Management structure

The Project Manager (PM): Reuma De Groot

  • Coordinates, monitors and overviews all project activities
  • Ensures any deviations are resolved
  • Chairs the Project Management Board
  • Takes decisions on technical matters in consultation with the Technical Manager
  • Negotiates and contacts with the EC or other external entities on all project matters (in principle, sole contact with the Commission).
  • Administers the project
  • Organizes management meetings, presentations, internal and external workshops
  • Coordinates the preparation and distribution of all reports and other deliverables
  • Maintains records of cost and effort reports
  • Eventual coordination of activities with other projects

Project Management Board (PMB)

  • Highest authority and central decision making body in project; sets direction and strategy
  • Made up of the Project Manager (Chairperson) and one representative from each partner
  • Responsible for financial and contractual issues
  • Responsible for adherence to deadlines
  • Responsible for project plan and re-allocation of effort between partners
  • Acts as a court of arbitration to resolve problems or conflicts
  • Meets when needed but at least three times a year

The Technical Manager (TM): Angi Voss

  • Responsible for the overall technical work and technical co-ordination of the project
  • Ensures any technical issues are resolved
  • Chairs the Technical Committee
  • Responsible for all technical aspects of the project deliverables
  • Responsible for the project's technical quality and for the approaches to be adopted for achievement of technical objectives

The Technical Committee (TC)

  • Main decision making body on technical matters
  • Made up of the Technical Manager (Chairperson) and the representatives of the other technical partners (and partners' specialists as necessary).
  • Technically approves the project deliverables.
  • Technical control and monitoring of the project activities
  • Meets at least three times a year (in opportunity of PMB meetings) and before planned milestones and events.

The Quality Manager (QM): Sylvie Iris

  • Responsible for the quality assurance activities (which will be carried out according to the ISO 9001 standards)
  • Responsible for proposing a Project Quality Plan, ensuring overall quality and cost effectiveness for all project results and deliverables.
  • Verifies that the project is managed according to user requirements and technical specifications.
  • Responsible for the quality of the project's external relations and dissemination of information

The Pedagogical Committee

  • Composed of the academic partners. Chairperson:
  • Responsible for the pedagogical approach and work: methodological issues, scenario definition and selection, pedagogical/cognitive research, pedagogical aspects of the implementation with end-users, etc.
  • Will coordinate and keep record of the dissemination-related activities and partners' participation, reporting to the PM and other parties as appropriate.

The Exploitation Coordinator

  • To be appointed by Pouliadis
  • Will propose and coordinate the approval of the project's Dissemination and Use plan, its updates and further versions (including the final Exploitation plan and Dissemination report)

Workpackage Managers/Leaders

  • Coordinates and overviews the work and resources at the WP level
  • Responsible toward the PM in general, and the TM in particular, for his/her WP quality, performance and achievements in the project.
  • Unless specifically determined otherwise, the WP Leader is also the "Deliverable Leader", and submits the respective deliverables to the PM and the TM.

The User Group

  • Composed of the representatives of the DUNES users.
  • Group coordinator to be proposed by HUJI. He will be responsible for animating this group creating the conditions for a continuous involvement of the users and for maintaining a constructive dialog among them.

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