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End Users

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Enabling the real-life testing and trial of DUNES methodology and technology on a broad geographical basis ("the large-scale experiment"), while learning from local differences and implementing the necessary adaptations, calls for the participation of companies/institutions and other "end users" that belong to different countries. In the present case, these are the German, Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, British and Israeli schools, professional training centers, companies and other frameworks included in the following table, which have formally agreed to participate in the DUNES project as non-partner "end-users". This is a partial list, though: many other entities (including schools, high-schools and universities), have expressed their wish to take part in the "experiment" and are joining the project as well.

Name - Location
Activity, main areas of specialization and additional information
Test participants /Testing scenarios
Partner in charge
CPLN (Centre Prof. du Littoral Neuch?²telois), Neuch?²tel, Switzerland
Professional school. Training in technical, environment, business, managment, healthcare, computing, vocational, etc.,domains. 3800 students; 5500 hours of teaching/week; 800 computers in net
Teachers and their students.
Professional training.
CEFOPS (*), St.Imier, Switzerland
Professional school for medical care. Training of nurses and "aide-soignant". 140 students; 15 teachers
Teachers +students.Decision-making; learning & training.
Ecole technique de Ste Croix, Switzerland.
Technical school for technicians, mechanicians, computing, etc. Training in computing, mediamatic, polymechanic. 300 students.
Teachers + students.Decision-making, learning, negotiation on diagnosis, etc.
BIP INFO S.A., Neuchatel, Switzerland
A company.
Pedagogical and training software.12 employees.
Offices in Switzerland and France.
Clients include aeroports, banks, medium and large firms.
Management, personnel, clients.Learning/training f/work, negotiation & decision making
Hammerbacher GmbH, Osnabruck, Germany
A company.
Development of advanced systems for finding solutions to complex social or interpersonal problems via situation analysis and communication processes.
Management, personnel & clients.Negotiation, conflict solving, decision-making
e-consens GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany
A company, in association with the Hidelberger Institut fuer Mediation, Germany.
On-line mediation tools and training programs, especially for conflict-solving in e-commerce.
Personnel, students and clients.Training and negotiation for conflict solving.
WZB (**), Berlin, Germany
Government-funded research institute in social sciences.
Students, teachers and clients.Learning, decision making, negotiation
Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki, American College, City College, EuroFocus
University departments, private schools and E-learning companies.
IT personnel. Learning, decision making, negotiation
Pouliadis - Tessera

(*)Centre de formation des professions de la sant??
(**)Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin Fur Sozialforschung.

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